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Friday, May 1, 2009

Costa Rica!

Hola! Komo esta? I've been here for the past couple of days, it's very
much like the philippines but with better weather! It reminds me so
much of home specially because we stayed in a relative's house, kinda
cool meeting some of my 2nd cousins, unkles, and grandparents!

However, it's hard to go around if you don't know spanish since very
few people know english.. Not even in stores, you have to get by using
sign language! It's a little different to the fast paced life that is
common in the states which makes me kinda lousy.

Don't have much pictures to share since I haven't been to a lot of
their attractions but i did find some nice shoes from an outlet store
Shopping in general, however, is not advisable because imported stuff
here are more expensive than the states.

That's all!

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