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Friday, April 24, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

I arrived in Vegas at around 830 pm (local time). It was one nice landing... the view of the city with all the lights from the airplane window is pretty cool. I love the strip with the dancing fountain and the fire show... I'kk post pictures some other time, the nice ones are in my brothers SLR.Anyhow, I'm also thinking of putting some of my shopping money on Pacquiao or even Hatton, I don't really understand the odds but i need to double my money for all the Marc Jacob items that I want to buy!!!

Anyway, I had my eye checked this morning since my grade is not getting any better and I wanted to know other options so that I can get rid of my contacts and glasses. And the verdict is... actually I was referred to a retinal specialist and it was scheduled on the 18th of May since our itinerary is already full til the 17th. So if the doctors can correct whatever thickening that I have in my retina, I might have to stay and not go home yet on the 19th which was my booked flight back to Manila. This is both good and bad news for me, bad because I might need to LOA for a term or 2, good because I'll have more time to travel, I really want go East.

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  1. do all your East travelling June-September. That's also my vacation period HAHA